Hockey School Policy Updates

Here are "what-if's" related to Covid-19 for our summer camps including refund policy. With recent announcements from the New Brunswick government regarding day camps re-opening immediately and rinks re-opening in the next (yellow) phase we are cautiously optimistic we will be in a position to run our NB camps, however obviously the situation continues to be quite fluid.

For players already paid/registered: Any students registered for a summer/fall camp would receive full refund if cancelled due to government restrictions. You will also have the option to take a 110% credit.

For those looking to register: All that is required for confirmation would be a deposit of $100. Deposits will be fully refunded if camps are cancelled. Remaining balances for payments will be due July 1st or 30 days before that camp (whichever date is later) in anticipation that a final decision on our camps moving forward will be made by that time. If cancellation of camps does occur those automated payments would be cancelled.


Due to expected guidelines to ensure player safety due to Covid-19, it is likely that we may need to accept fewer students than normal. We will confirm students on a first come, first served basis. 

We will be consulting with Public Health and our facilities to ensure our camps meet appropriate safety guidelines. Such measures may include: - Utilizing separate arena entrances- Working with facilities to ensure proper cleaning and disinfection- Scheduling time between ice sessions to avoid overlapping traffic- Having players get dressed at home and putting skates on benches- Strict water bottle protocols- Organizing camp to specific time frames instead of entire days (for example group 1 from 8AM - 12PM, group 2 from 12:30PM - 4:30PM)


Why is the summer refund policy different than the spring policy? It is different because of the difference in operating costs for the two programs as well as we realize in advance that cancellation could be a possibility. An example would be in spring hockey jerseys are custom to specific players/teams where hockey school jerseys are the same and can be kept in inventory.

Would a credit be issued if programming changes are made resulting in reduced amount of ice time? While it is difficult to anticipate any potential changes that may result at this stage, we will strive to provide proper value of registration if any significant changes do take place.

Can I use my AHG gift card for a summer program? Yes - AHG gift cards will apply to our summer/fall camps.

Can I use my spring fundraising money towards a camp? Yes.

How will registration insurance work? Our policy for registration insurance will stay the same as in past years. That means that registration insurance would only cover a physical injury needing a doctor's note (and not related to pandemic).

I live in the United States - will I be permitted to attend the camps? Unfortunately at this time we will not be accepting students from the United States.

I am from outside of the province - do I get a full refund if I can't get there? Yes if borders are still closed that would be the case.

How long will my credit last? Credits will last a full calendar year from date of camp.

Can I use my hockey school credit towards spring hockey next year? Yes.

What if the camp dates were to change because of Covid-19? Same rule would apply where refunds could be received or 110% credit.

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